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Technical expertise is what truly drives us forward.

We specialize in integration solution services using middleware products, Event driven and micro services based on architecture. Our team of experts has developed products with user volume of 1-2 million, high net worth online payments, predictive analysis, IoT integration, SaaS multi tenant architecture based products with subscription/licensing integration, e-commerce SaaS solutions.

Over the past 6 years V2STech has been a catalyst for our clients business vision in creating software solutions that create impact in people's lives.

Our outcome and process driven approach and trusted project management protocols have earned us the trust of our customers. Our team comprises of specialists in user experience design, application development, application enhancement and support.

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  • Integrated service offerings for end-to-end product management from idea to implementation.
  • Flexible costing models that allow for business-aligned and outcome-based contracts.
  • Business application consulting capabilities through deep domain experience and our technology experts
  • ODC with global standards and innovation center dedicated to transforming ideas into real-world business solutions
  • Technology skillsets and expertise
  • Cost-effectiveness with transparent pricing
  • Reduced time to market
  • Shorter release cycles with Agile Methodology
  • 24/7 access to resources with Dedicated teams
  • Well defined Service level agreements (SLA)
  • NDA that covers IP protection, completion protection & concept protection

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// Our approach

Enabling companies set up effective
product development teams with the right technical expertise.

Firstly, we have an initial conversation to run through your project ideas and challenges, get to know your business and discuss your current infrastructure to decide the best approach
After analysing and defining your project requirements and roadmap, we work to define a backlog of features and prioritise them to align with your business goals.
Requirement Review
Development of the application starts with sgile methodology, focusing on the scheduled tasks and collaboration, with shared ownership
Planned iterations with scheduled demos and brainstorming sessions to enhance your product and align it with market demands.
As part of our end-to-end service, we support you in the release of your application and deliver reliable and secure hosting environments to suit your requirements in order to maximise your systems performance.
After your application has gone live, we offer support based on your requirements, making sure that your solution remains reliable and continues to drive business value.

// engagement model

Enabling companies set up effective
product development teams with the right technical expertise.

Our recommended value-for-money
model-virtual Offshore Development Center

Time &
materials model

Fixed bid

Strategic Alliance/
Joint Venture model

// FAQs

What are your engagement models?

We offer varying engagement models to help you gain total control over your budget.

For a growing product you can opt for T&M pricing to hire dedicated resources.

If you are a startup looking to build MVP, you can opt for our Flexi-plan to hire a core team and augment them with resources when demand spikes.

For a well-defined project scope that is not likely to change you can choose a fixed price model.

What is your approach for Product Development?

We follow Agile, Scrum or Kanban as per project requirement.

How do I monitor project progress?

We have well defined processes and protocols to streamline project management and communications. You can collaborate with online project management tool at all times to:

  • Review work scheduled
  • Track task status and progress against development plans
  • Provide feedback and any approvals for development

Be a part of daily standups to plan for the day and identify any blockers at the earliest. Furthermore, get an absolute clear idea of progress with our weekly demos.

My project is unique and uses sensitive data. Will my concept and data be well protected?

Yes, your project concept and all sensitive data will be covered with IP protection and SLA.

We are looking to offer digital transformation with our product. Can you scale quickly?

Yes, we build cloud ready applications and SaaS products which can be enhanced and scaled easily.

Why to choose an Offshore Team? How does Offshore Development Center help you?
  • More than 40% to 50% cost saving overall
  • Reduction in hiring, training, and infrastructure costs
  • Flexible and round-the-clock working hours including overlap for your time-zone
  • Access to well-trained and highly skilled man power – view our Technology Skills
  • Ramp-up or Ramp-down offshore capacity based on business demand
Why should startups and businesses hire Offshore Teams?

Startups and businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their strategy, reduce costs and use more efficient solutions. Outsourcing is a great and proven way to do that, as well as develop high-quality products. Top benefits of outsourcing are:

  • Reduce time to market
  • Improved efficiency
  • Ease of scaling teams at different phases
  • Access to certified software specialists
  • Cost effectiveness

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