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// Our Approach

We build successful products through strategic design & innovative strategy.

Our Process:

  • Discovery - Our market research experts identify & test effectiveness of your idea.
  • Design Strategy - Gain a comprehensive understanding of your product vision & create a design strategy in-tune with your business goals.
  • Low fidelity Design - We create reliable & realistic representations of your key audience segments. Solution experts create conceptual model, structure & behavior of your system.
  • Design - Prototype, Validate, Iterate!  Create comprehensive interface schematics & wireframes that outline product flow. Wireframes are fine tuned & converted into high fidelity mockups showing the actual look & feel of all your screens. We develop dynamic prototypes to test & validate real results from real users.
  • Launch It!

Your final product is developed from what has been designed; with careful attention given to making it responsive, scalable, fully tested, and integrated with all of your business operations.

// What We Offer

Product Design - UI/UX

Craft intuitive UX to build memorable product experiences.

Project your ideas over mobile or desktop screens with our usability and user experience services. Create clickable and interactive web or mobile app demos to showcase your idea to stakeholders, owners, investors, or users. We perform UX audit, map user journeys, create wireframes and chalk out mesmerizing user experience design that engages and delights the end users. Get designs delivered with pitch ready brand guideline and developer friendly style guide.

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// FAQs

I want to build and interactive prototype first

Yes, we can help you code and build interactive prototype using open source technology. We have proven experience in converting designs into pixel perfect prototypes. Our developers adherence to all official programming language- and tool-specific guidelines to ensure clean and stable code.

I want to showcase the design to our stakeholders and investors

We have proven experience of designing prototypes for enterprise clients. An interactive and clickable demo is created to replicate your exact design and present your software’s visual experience. Such interactive demos can be used to showcase your design ideas to stakeholders, investors and decision makers.

Will the design be responsive?

Using cloud technology we ensure mobility of your web applications and SaaS products. Applications can be built to push data in near real time on mobile devices and smartphones. The UI is tailor made to be responsive and support modern smartphone displays.

I want my app to work on both iOS and Android.

Mobility solution can be provided by means of hybrid mobile applications that will support both iOS and Android ecosystems.

My SaaS / Web app will have advanced features such as AI and ML. Can you build such advanced applications?

Our software specialist are up-to-date with latest technologies and are actively working on implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make smarter solutions such as predictive analysis, improving efficiency of SaaS application, adding conversational capabilities and much more.

Can you design SaaS with complex data visualization?

Our team has proven experience of designing complex SaaS applications with data visualization.

Have you designed data centric applications?

We have designed complex data centric applications with multiple user roles.

Have you designed dashboard?

Our team has proven experience of designing dashboards for enterprise applications across sectors such as healthcare, fintech, edutech, utilities, waste management and e-governance.

Have you designed SaaS applications?

Our team has proven experience of designing complex SaaS applications such as multi-tenant SaaS, single vendor marketplace, multi-vendor marketplace, real time data based applications, location and asset tracking applications and many more.

Our UX is very complex and may be challenging to design

We never shy away from a challenge. Our design team has combined expertise of over 2 decades and is lead by Certified Usability Analyst (CUA). We apply usability and accessibility guidelines to overcome UX challenges in UX with creative solutions.

How can my development team build the design?

We provide developer friendly style guide and design system with styling details such as typography and information required for coding the visual elements such as buttons, navbar, icons.

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